The Construction division of Train Media Group bridges a gap of our personnel, where a decade of experience in Pipeline Construction meets a decade of experience in Media Production. The result is a unique practice of documenting pre-existing conditions of both roadway and right-of-way workspace into high definition, reviewable, media content.

This practice has resulted in saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs for which they were wrongly presumed liable. TMG has extensive history with creating and operating RUMA agreements (Road Use and Maintenance) with local officials as well as DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements and regulations across several states.

These services combined with our commercial services have made TMG a leading media provider in the Natural Gas industry. Below is a sample of some of the projects we have been a part of since our inception. 


  •  Chevron: Feedstock & Ethylene Pipe Expansion Project. Strike Pipeline – Beaumont TX
  • Kinder Morgan: Tennessee Gas NE Upgrade Project, 40.9 miles of 30’’ PA & NJ, Michels Pipeline
  • TX Eastern NY/NJ expansion, 14 miles of 30'', Henkels & McCoy Pipeline
  • Williams Transco: Palmerton Loop. 3.2 miles of 42’’, US Pipeline PA
  • Williams Transco: NESL Project, Henkels & McCoy Pipeline  
  • Pennant Midstream: Hickory Bend Pipeline project, , Associated Pipeline,  
  • Access MidStream: anomaly digs NE PA, Strike Pipeline
  • Enbridge/Enterprise: Seaway Pipeline Project –  30’’, apx 300 miles
  • Enterprise: Southern Lights Project, Henkels & McCoy Pipeline, Joliet Il
  • Enterprise: Front Range Project, US Pipeline, Denver CO


  •  Mark West Energy: “Barnesville West 20LP”  6.7 miles 20”, Henkels & McCoy Pipeline. St. Clairsville OH
  • Associated Spectra Energy: "Team 2014"  25 miles of 30''. Associated Pipeline. PA
  • Enterprise/Mustang- Anomaly Digs, Strike Pipeline. NY & PA
  • Henkels & McCoy Pipeline Washington PA
  • Rice Energy-: 18 miles of 30’’, Price Gregory, Washington County PA
  • Williams Transco, Woodbridge Delivery Lateral Project, 3 miles of 20” US Pipeline, Edison NJ
  • Enbridge “Line 3 Maintenance Project”, 15 miles of 34’’, US Pipeline, Pembina County, ND
  • Sunoco: "Permian Express II" 139 miles of 24''. Strike Pipeline. TX


  •  Williams Transco -Pheasant Run & Skillman Loop, 14 miles of 42'', Henkels & McCoy Pipeline
  • City of Port Arthur - Sabine – Neches Waterway Direct Pipe project, 3,500 ft, Strike Pipeline
  • El Dorado Chemical: 6 miles of 20''. Strike Pipeline, El Dorado AR
  • Columbia Gas - CPG Expansion. Price Gregory and Associated Pipeline, NJ and PA
  • Spectra Energy - Open Pipeline Project, 75 miles Ohio, Associated Pipeline and Sheehan Pipeline, eastern Ohio
  • Dominion - Western Access II Project, 16 miles of 36'', Michels Pipeline, eastern Ohio
  • Enbridge - Line 78 Project, 78 miles, Price Gregory, central Illinois
  • Enterprise/Mustang-Anomaly Digs, Strike Pipeline. Central PA.
  • AIM Project - Henkels & McCOy in CT and NY
  • National Fuel - 30 miles, Associated Pipeline, Pittsburgh PA
  • Enbridge - 167 miles. US Pipeline. Central Illinois
  • Energy Transfer - Spreads 4 and 7. 120+ miles. Strike Pipeline. Central TX